Sunday, September 24, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree Challenge Quilts

The Challenge quilts were revealed at the guild meeting this month.  The challenge this year was "Oh Christmas Tree".  Everyone got a fat quarter of either yellow or red fabric to be used in the quilt top and there had to be a Christmas tree on the quilt.  Following are photos of the wonderful creations made by members of the guild!  I hope to remember who made what, but if I forgot, please forgive me.  I need to post them soon after I take them so I remember :)

This one was made by Eddy.  Apparently this is what happens to your Christmas tree if you leave it up until September!

This one was made by Janet.  I think Eddy and Janet both received yellow fabric in their Challenge packets.

I'm blanking on the two quilts above but I know this one was made by Judy and she won one of the prizes.

This one was made by Phyllis!

I believe Brenda made this one - she was in charge of the Challenge this year.

Marsha made this one - and won a prize!

Kathy made this one - this is one of the ones I voted for because of all the detail miniature work on those little Christmas ornaments!!

Gini made this one!

Jerri made this - and won a prize!  All handwork/redwork - so pretty!

Detail of those MINI ornaments!  They weren't more than two inches - so cute.

It was a fun challenge!  I didn't get my act together in time to participate this year, but there's always next year.  I will be excited to see what the new challenge will be. In the meantime I have a challenge I'm working on - the International Miniature Quilt Exchange through TQS.  I've drawn out a design - yes I am that far!  Now I need to get busy constructing!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

It's Tuffet Time!!

Today I helped a couple of ladies in the CO West Quilt Guild make tuffets - and boy did they turn out cute!

This is Phyllis'.  Luckily she got all of her strips sewn early because she ended up having surgery this week and couldn't come to class.  Her dear daughter brought hers and put it together for her :)

This is her dear daughter, Eddy and her beautiful tuffet!

And this is Sheryl with her gorgeous tuffet!  I think she plans on making more and teaching her sister how - so the tuffeting continues!

A HUGE thank you to Dick and Gini who came armed with staples and staple guns and helped us assemble!  Couldn't have done it without them!


Friday, September 22, 2017

Sew Savvy Retreat

I spent the day today sewing with about 30 of my best friends :) I went to Hi Fashion's Sew Savvy retreat which they offer twice a year.  It is really nice to spend the day stitching and chatting with some really great gals!  It's also fun to see what everyone is working on - like this cool Zentangle Boo! quilt made by Doe.

And this Kansas Troubles project that Alison is working on - it will have pumpkins in the corners - just in time for Fall!

I worked on my Millefiori quilt and got block number one all done!!

Here is a sneak peek at block number 2!!

Tomorrow I will be helping a half dozen CWQG members make tuffets.  I hope it goes well and everyone goes home happy, with a beautiful tuffet :)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sew Savvy Show and Tell

I am a little behind on sharing some photos.  These are show and tell photos from Hi Fashion's Sew Savvy a couple of weeks ago.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

ABC 123!!

I finished this quilt up today, label and all, three weeks before my granddaughter's birthday! Woohoo!

This was a class I took about a year and a half ago with Sharon Wright.  She uses this basic Allegro pattern, designs her own borders and pieces the backs.  It is a nice, fairly easy pattern and you can use a lot of fun fabrics. My border is fairly simple compared to the borders she designs!  She is a great teacher and the class was awesome.

Here is my pieced back - with some fun princess fabric!  I used wool batting this time - I like it!

Today one of my good friends was sworn in as an American citizen in a Naturalization Ceremony on the CO National Monument.  It was really awesome to go and be a part of it!  38 people in Grand Junction became citizens from 22 different countries! The judge said that since this is Constitution Week, there are 200 of these ceremonies taking place all over the country with over 300,000 people becoming new citizens.  Very cool :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Show and Tell!

Here are some pictures from my miniature quilt group meeting's Show and Tell.  This meeting was a couple of weeks ago, so I hope I remember who made what!

Sherida made this Goat Pillow, with a lot of fun embellishments!  I believe she said it is a Sue Spargo pattern.  I am finding this embroidery embellishing very fun and apparently Sherida is too!  She said this coming year is the Year of the Goat.  I saw some quilts in the Quilting Arts magazine celebrating the Year of the Rooster.  Maybe we will be seeing more goat quilts and artwork this next year!

Above is a sweater that Eleanor had someone knit for her great grandson.  It's very soft and pretty.

I believe this quilt was also made by Eleanor, if I am remembering correctly. Fun fabrics and backing!

The pillowcases above were hand embroidered by June's friend and June did the crocheted edging.

A close up of Sherida's pillow....

The Cowboy quilt above was made by Kathy to auction off at their Cowboy Poetry event!

Another close up of Eleanor's quilt.

A talented group of friends - they inspire me!