Friday, August 18, 2017

Tammy's and Janet's

Here are a few more photos from the board members' trunk show at the CWQG meeting.
These first two were made by Tammy. The members shared a variety of early quilts they'd made and more recent ones.  It's always fun to see how our quilting styles and color choices evolve over time.  Some of my early quilts are still some of my favorites though :)

The next four were all made by Janet - love this French Braid quilt!  I think she said this is one of her favorites too.

I am teaching two classes this Fall and am trying to get some things ready for those classes - I'll be sharing those as I get them going.  I also finished my Skunk block!  He turned out so cute :). I'll share some photos soon.  And I think I MAY have an idea for the International Miniature Quilt exchange quilt that I will be making for Deb (from Canada).  I need to start reducing patterns, so we'll see if it works!  I'll keep you posted, although according to the rules I will not be able to share pictures of it just yet.

I hope you have a fun day and get some quilting in!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trunk Show Continued

Here are a few more pictures of the CWQG Board members' trunk show.

This minkie beauty was made by Elaine!

Judy made the beautiful star quilt above and the half square triangle quilt to the right.

This Halloween quilt and the following two were made by Mary!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Board Member Trunk Show

At the Colorado West Quilt Guild meeting last week the program was a trunk show, put on by the guild's own board members.  What a treat!

We were each to show three of our quilts.  Today I'm going to show Eddy's and Chris'.  They got a little mixed up when I uploaded the pictures but these first two belong to Eddy, our Program Chair.  I think Eddy and I have something in common besides just quilting.... I think Eddy likes ORANGE :)

These next three all belong to Chris, who is the 1st VP over Committees.  She is a relatively new quilter and fairly new to the guild but she has jumped right in and is a hard worker!

The pumpkin, the rag quilt and the pink quilt all belong to Chris.

This is one of her first quilts and she said she learned a lot about contrast.  I think every quilter has to make a quilt or two like this before we "get" contrast.

My first quilt, which was also pink, but much smaller than this one, had so little contrast you could barely see I'd even pieced any blocks!  My friend Ruth went shopping with me when I started my second quilt and helped me pick out fabrics which I thought "didn't go well together at all"!  Well, it turns out they did and I began to get the contrast concept much better :)

This is Eddy's "Not Your Grandmother's Tumbling Blocks" quilt.  I took this class when Marcie Baker came to town many years ago!  I too have a tumbling blocks quilt.  Mine is baby quilt size and guess what - it has orange in it :)

Love the fabrics Eddy used in this one!

Tomorrow I will share some more photos from the trunk show.  Until then.... Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Little Bit of Show and Tell

Here are some photos of show and tell from our Little Bits meeting/luncheon this month.

This quilt was made by Eleanor - very pretty!

This one was made by Kathy.  I really love these dimensional quilts - someday I need to make one!

Kathy also took a class at Busy Bea on watercolor painting on fabric and there are two of her blocks.

These are the fun birthday goodies I received!  A garden globe, a crocheted dish rag, a thread spinner (I'd never seen or heard of one before but June showed us how to use it and I must say, it's nifty!),  fat quarter, and on the far right is an adorable wool stocking that Sherida made, with a sheep on it!  It really was a fun party with fun friends!

This Alaska quilt was made by Bobbi for her son - she was gathering ideas from the group on how to quilt it :)

I hope to get to my sewing room today!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Another Finish!

I finished another wall hanging over the weekend!  This is my Sue Spargo flower vase that I started in her workshop in March. After seeing others' finished pieces I realize that I could have added a LOT more to mine, but I guess ya gotta stop somewhere!  I am very happy with the way it turned out and even my husband said he hopes we get to keep this one :)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Amazing Miniature

This is the other quilt I finished this week.  It is the mystery block of the month quilt that I did with My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe (part of my 12 Days of Christmas package).  It turned out pretty cute but I don't have any place to hang it so I donated it to the CWQG for the Applefest and Color Sunday fundraisers.  Hopefully someone will like it and want it - it's not quite what they were looking for - they mostly wanted table runners and placemats etc.  Those sell well apparently.  So we will see....
This is not the amazing miniature I was referring to.  To see that, go check out Janet O.'s Rogue Quilter blog to see a quilt that she made where the blocks finish at 1.25 inches!  Incredible!

(See link below)

Have a terrific Sunday :)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Circle Of Friends

I finished quilting two quilts this week - my Circle of Friends quilt is one of them. When our Little Bits miniature quilt group went to Leota's for our luncheon this month, one of her friends was visiting and she could pick out who we were based on Leota's quilt. We must have done a pretty good job with our Mini Me's! (All nine of us have a Circle of Friends quilt and they all look different!)
This is the pieced back, pieced so I could use up some scraps from the keyboard border on the front.

Here we are from left to right:
me - with a book bag because I love to read.
Sherida - with words on her shirt because she's a newspaper journalist.
June - always wears dresses and loves bling.  She is not yet totally blinged out because she is going to add a watch and rings and I've added a yo-yo to her hair (she also makes hundreds of yo-yos - all sizes!)

Left to Right:
Leota -a ski instructor at Powderhorn and an outdoor enthusiast.
Annie - our fearless 88 year old leader and founder of our mini group.
Max - who loves blue and wears scarves and knits and make bags and give away wonderful homemade things to friends and family.

Eleanor - sweet, kind and creative, also one of the founders of the group.
Kathy - our newest member, a cowgirl and very talented.
Bobbi - can you tell she loves flowers?  She loves to garden and is also a ski instructor at Powderhorn.

We've lost a few members over the years, Sophie, Betty and Mary.  And a couple have moved away, Cathy and Lori.  What wonderful friendships are formed by stitching and creating together!  I love all of these ladies and they inspire me :)

These last two pictures are close-ups of the back so hopefully you can see the quilting a little better. This quilt measures 32 inches by 31 inches and the pattern is by Karen Eckmeier.