Thursday, May 4, 2017

Art Quilts

Here are some more pictures of Kari's art quilts!  I like how she made a quilted color wheel for her quilt studio - what a fun idea!

A friend shared an article with me called "A Stitch in Time Saves Stress Down the Line" printed in The Guardian and written by Karen Kay.  Here are a couple of quotes I found interesting:

"Market research firm Mintel reports a 12% rise in women doing some sort of need craft as a hobby in the last two years. A fifth of women under 45 are interested in taking up knitting and sewing, while 17% of men aged 16 to 24 are keen to try one of these pastimes."

"At times of economic stress and social upheaval we often turn to craft, as creating something with our hands makes us feel good," says Polly Leonard founder of Selvedge magazine.
"Making is part of being human, yet as a society we are suffering from the effect of increased screen time and the lack of real fulfillment that often accompanies that.  Most needlecrafts are fairly accessible and require only basic skills and minimal outlay to achieve very rewarding results."

"The rhythmic, repetitive moments necessary to knit, sew or crochet are proven to have therapeutic benefits and improve mental health and emotional wellbeing, increasing serotonin production and inducing a natural state of mindfulness."

So stitch away for health benefits!!

Above is a quilt illustrating the way Kari faces her quilts, instead of a regular binding....