Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kari Harvey - Art Quilter

A few weeks ago the CO West Quilt Guild hosted Kari Harvey who did a trunk show and lecture.  She showed many, many beautiful artistic quilts and shared a lot of great information on construction techniques.  It was so fun and informative.  For the next couple of days I will be sharing pictures of some of her quilts.

Check out the beaded binding on this small art quilt.

Beaded binding on this quilt also - a close up photo of the binding below.

I have been matched up with Deb from Ontario, Canada for the International Miniature Quilt Exchange!  I'm so excited!  There was a post from the organizer today and she said:
Congratulations! We hit 200 IMQE Partners today - Yippee!! Only 100 more to go. I am also looking for quilters from only 6 states to get all states represented: AK, AR, HI, ND, RI and WV. Italy surged ahead and has 44 quilters involved, followed by the UK with 36 and Canada with 34 quilters. Germany is close behind with 31 quilters and Australia has 21 quilters involved. Let's keep going~

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  1. Again, thanks for sharing these quilts with us! I am also so excited to do this exchange!