Saturday, May 6, 2017

More Quilts

Here are the rest of the photos I took of Kari Harvey's quilts at the CWQG meeting.

Another idea she shared is making samples of all of the types of thread you use so you can see how it stitches out, what tension you used, what needle, what bobbin thread works well with it etc. etc.  Because you always think you're going to remember.... and then you don't....

Fun thread painting and embellishments!

A little bit of machine embroidery.

This quilt was actually made by someone else in the guild and was shown for show and tell.  I believe it was Lucina, but if anyone knows differently let me know and I'll correct the information.  While the quilt above shows beautifully machine embroidery, this quilt shows beautiful hand embroidery!

Yesterday I was able to go to the Home Machine Quilt Show in Salt Lake City (which has been sold and renamed UQSM - Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace.) It was spectacular!  I was able to meet up with some friends from Grand Junction, and have my daughters and granddaughter join me in the afternoon.  What a fun day!  I'll be sharing pictures - the quilts of course were amazing!

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