Saturday, May 13, 2017


Here are some pictures from the Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace show in SLC.  I hope you are as inspired by the machine quilting as I am!!

Champagne and Caviar
Quilting by Kelly Cline
"This is a 100 year old silk embroidered tablecloth, purchased from an estate sale.  Hand embroidery and drawn thread work were mastered by the unknown original maker. I enhanced her beautiful workmanship with longarm quilting. I can only imagine the number of hours, and most likely years, that were lovingly spent embroidering this amazing piece."

2nd Place in the Vintage category

Soft Sentiments
Pieced by April Stirling
Quilted by Charlene Nelson

"My mother loved to embroider.  She made quilts with her blocks and insisted I used them on my beds. When I downsized, I noticed that two of these quilts looked very tired and shabby.  Mom had such beautiful work in her quilts that I salvaged the embroidered parts and re-set them in a new quilt."

Fading Memories
Pieced and Quilted by Jackie Aguilar (from Grand Junction!!)

"This quilt features and vintage linen with beautiful white work embroidery on it. I appliquéd it to a Dupioni silk background fabric. It has some beading for a little sparkle. I quilted it with 100 wt. Kimono silk and 50 wt. Tire silk threads. The binding is a crochet edge bias tape from the Vintage Door Etsy Shop. It has Dream Wool batting."

1st Place in the Vintage category

Back in Time
Quilting by Penelope A. Ragland

"Top from the 30's (unknown maker) purchased by Inland Northwest Machine Quilters, as a challenge quilt. Quilting only. No alterations allowed. Trapunto, used 1/2 inch poly batt on main flowers to take up an inch of excess fabric. Quilted with Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs wool on top. I almost threw it away. But decided to 'practice' my ruler work and free motion quilting.  Amazed at the results."

3rd Place Vintage

(I'm glad she didn't throw it away! I wish my 'practice' pieces looked this amazing!)

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